Solar Photovoltaic (Electricity)

  • Bring down the cost of your electricity bill
  • Earn upto £900 per year tax free with the Feed-In-Tariff
  • Free survey and quotation
  • Little to no maintenance required - Fit and forget

Potential Savings

A 4.00kWp Solar PV system costing approximately £5,750 would produce roughly 3,200kWh/year.

3,200kWh X £0.16 FIT = £512
+ 3,200Kwh X £0.12 not used from Electricity Company = £384
+ 1,600 of energy export @ £4.5p per unit  = £72
  = £968 per year
  over 20 years = £19360

What is the Feed-In-Tariff

This is a government scheme that guarantees a fixed payment for all the electricity your system generates, including what is used, for a period of 25 years. Combine this with the additional lower payment for any surplus electricity fed back to the grid, the reduction in your standard electricity bill and suddenly solar PV offers a great return on investment.

The current feed in tariff for installations on already occupied (or previously occupied) homes is 16p/kWh for up to 4kW installed.

How much electricity will I produce?

PV is sized per Kilowatt Peak. This is a measure of the output when receiving the maximum 1000w per square metre solar radiation. For every 1 kWp of PV installed, we would expect to produce 800 kWhrs (units of electricity) per year. You can have as many kWp's installed as your budget allows or roof space determines. It pays to buy the biggest system possible as the return on investment is so much better.

Getting the right system for you

If you would like us to get back to you to discuss your requirements and provide a quote please use the contact form to the right. Alternatively you can fill in our online self assessment form which will provide us with many of the details we would need about your property before we get in touch.

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